Tips of good luck for the New Year 2018

Tips of good luck for the New Year 2018 : If we are really ready for a new year, read below. If not, there’s always chocolate that is left. At the beginning of the new year we will buy a new calendar, we pack up our Christmas decorations and look guiltily boxes of chocolates that we let our lure. But few of us really expect a lucky new year. Just hope for the best. But this year may be different. With effort and only changing a few things, one alive, positive people can be open to us.

If we are really ready for a new year, read below. If not, there’s always chocolate that is left.

It is believed by many that the bad energy can stick to places that are dirty, dark or too full … So the first step in any of our work will be to make room for good energy, giving the home a thorough cleaning. If we have lots of garbage or old things that never use, now is the time to go to a restoration shop or simply throw.
Additionally, place platters of fresh and dried fruits around the house, as symbols of abundance.

Flowering plants are also considered to bring good fortune in some climates, they could be replanted outside. These items can even become good gifts to donate to the New Year.
Many times we welcome the new year with fireworks, because the explosions allegedly chase away evil spirits. Even if we are not theitikoi for custom, some fireworks are beautiful and we can use them to decorate our home.
Our next step is to give our finances a boost. We pay all our bills, neglected and organizing systems to monitor our dealings in the coming year.
Then we could make a review of our personal life. If we have any disputes or bad feelings with someone at work or among family and friends, now is a good time to do everything we can to sort out misunderstandings.
On the evening of New Year at midnight, every window and door of the house opens wide to farewell the old year and welcome the new one.
There are also beliefs that abound. Most of these have been developed and evolved over the centuries and, even if everyone does not believe in them, they are easy to follow.
Here’s what to do:
To wear new clothes and red color to express the joy and happiness.
Please visit our relatives, our neighbors and friends and wish them heartily.
For children and unmarried people without jobs, give them red envelopes filled with money to bring them luck.

And some we should not do:
There bathes our hair and did not sweep the floor, we can banish our good fortune.
Do not wear black.
We do not use knives and scissors because they could cut the chances that come our way.
Do not lend or borrow money because you do all year
Finally, when midnight come, we think of a wish that we would like to see it fulfilled, in the following year. Under no circumstances should we use the words “no, no,” when we choose a wish, ie. Do not say “I do not want to be overweight,” but “I want to be weak or thin.”