NEW YEAR SAYINGS 2018 – BEAUTIFUL, COOL AND FUNNY : Find Beautiful, cool and witty sayings of the year 2018 and send them as SMS or WhatsApp message to all friends. We have compiled the most beautiful, popular, original, funniest sayings about the new 2017. Here all can make a survey. Which spells like our users the best we want to know at this point, so that others can benefit from the witty sayings in the New Year New Year’s 2018.

New Year’s wishes on the app as SMS and WhatsApp message

Sayings for New Year 2018 SMS should be short, beautiful and written funny as possible. Our New Year’s sayings are in length to not only for SMS or WhatsApp message, but also for the Twitter post that Facebook or Google Plus status message ideally suited. At the turn of shine through creative and witty sayings is not difficult. The New Year Sayings use on plakos makes others happy, but without guarantee. A nice spell does not cost anything and is preparing a lot of pleasure. If you asked for the author, it will not lie. All of our sayings are of “Unknown”, the subject of copyright so we are quite relaxed. Funny Sayings It wobbles late through night and wind, a little pig, laughing and singt.Es wants only one thing is clear: All the best in the New Year ! … Live! Love! Laugh! In this way, do you have a new year at a festival that you can celebrate your life. … Your horoscope for next year: money: the stars smile. School / Occupation: the stars smile. HEALTH: The Stars smile. Love:. The stars laugh themselves silly … Happy New Year – we call from now. The new year brings happiness into the house! What we have done wrong in the old, we begin anew. … Who wags so late through night and wind? Ws is a pig in all its glory. It yodeling, happy valley roaring: “Good luck and have fun in the New Year!


Beautiful Sayings
sun, moon and stars, all located in the distant future, but the good that is very close – a happy and happy new year!

A new year means new hope, new light, new ideas and new ways to target … A good start into 2017 I wish you!

Never forget that life is short, so never break the rules. Give ’em fast, kisses slowly, Love truly, Laugh Often and never let anyone that you laugh the’m serious!

In the sky the stars shine so clear, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Quietly, in this way I’m sending this SMS on a journey. With joy and regards it to sweeten the New Year


New Year’s wishes in images via SMS or WhatsApp

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