New Year 2018 – New Year Greetings and Sayings – WhatsApp

New Year 2018 – New Year Greetings and Sayings – WhatsApp : If you are still looking for funny sayings New Year for 2017 to your friends still WhatsApp or SMS message to send , you are right . In the following article , we have some great sayings collected for the New Year , so that you can wish a Happy New Year 2018 to your friends and your family . Simply copy a spell and easy to send. Then you can calmly enjoy the New Year’s party and no longer worry about the need to make text message.


WhatsApp and SMS New Year Sayings

In the following list we have a few funny sayings New Year 2018 listed that have enjoyed in recent years, great popularity and have been submitted by other visitors through the contact form of this page. If you know another New Year Sayings for New Merry 2018, write us an e-mail.

My three wisdoms for the new year: 1. Say what is true! 2. Drink what is clear! 3. F#ck, what’s there! I drink to good friends, lost love, to new goals, to what once was. That everything ends, and to a new year. Happy New Year!

A happy new year and I wish you that it will be even better than the old one was. Sun, moon and stars, all located in the distant future, but the good that is very close – a happy and happy new year! It’ll give you the new year without joke, health, prosperity and a happy heart!

Cheer new year- and consider what you can not see with your heart, you will remain with the eyes hidden in the new year. Cheer new year- we call from now. Nevit Dilmen Nevit Dilmen

The new year brings happiness into the house! What we have done wrong in the old, we begin anew.It bangs and crashes into the night – again brachium one year. The Kate then the next morning, but these are then the smallest concerns.

Since I can not sing well, I send you this message. Happy New Year. For New Year’s good luck and peace, please sauna you to not so. I know this SMS comes every year anew … but I mean it seriously again: Happy New Year!