Latest Proverbs For New Year 2018

Latest Proverbs For New Year 2018:


  • And on it goes with our creative New Year’s poems for SMS
  • The old year is now gone soon, so I wish you very happy new year..
  • Today is New Year’s Eve, as I greet whomever I like. Happy for the year 2017.
  • For The New Year wish I you luck and hope you you do not want the old back.

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  • Who rushes so late through the New Year’s Eve? It’s a lucky pig in all its glory: a lot of pork in 2018.
  • A cloverleaf lay by the wayside, was all alone when I found it. I picked it up and walked a little, I’ll give it to you, it brings you luck.

Happy New Year Whatsapp Status Wishes Quotes Sayings 2018

  • I wish you happy new year 1, 12 healthy months, 52 weeks cheerful, super 365 days, 8760 hours and pleasant 525,600 happy minutes.


  • Happy new year and may your good intentions take your hangover.
  • Say “goodbye” to the old year, then your My wishes come true. Do not look are ‘forward and lasting’, so that they come true.

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  • To all who have sent me good wishes for 2018: nothing has brought. 2018 me about money, alcohol or gasoline vouchers would prefer. Thank you!
  • Let the corks pop. Let the glasses sound. Let’s start the new year. Stay happy and healthy 365 day, or 8760 hour.
  • Today is New Year’s Day, as I greet each that I like. Drum I’ll send you from far away a hundred thousand beautiful star: ************************* HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  • The new year has begun degrees, the first resolutions are star fit. What the heck, there are no turning back .. the New Year I wish you luck!
  • At New Year I want to sweeten with my greetings in the New Year you quickly.
  • The old year is over, now the binge begins. Thus, the new will be better. If not, then It will until I die.

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