New Year’s Wishes for Grandma & Grandpa

Dear Granny, dear Grandpa, New Year comes with great strides,
I want to ask you with all my heart to a wicht’ge thing.
As far spent her life,
her this please also makes in the future.
Because love, protection, Security and happiness
are important things, each of which needs a piece.

New Year’s rockets and delicious punch,
do not be missing to your benefit.
In your age already reaches the second,
an evening program for old people.
This is granted to you, dear Grandpa, dear Granny,
I’ll go to-day, but do not drink myself into Koma.
Drum are proud of me, your only grandson,
who celebrates New Year without a lot of banter.
For you all the best for the New Year,
so it is so nice, just like the last one was.

A happy new year, I wish you,
even without me, but do not be disappointed.
I’m grown up now, and go to the party,
gone are the days with Teletubbies and Alete.

My dear grandparents, I thank you so much,
as you still know, last year was difficult.
With your help, I have everything managed
only by you and your strength.
For this reason, enjoys the New Year,
my dear Grandpa, you’re but my friend.
And you, sweet grandma, are incredibly important,
from your advice everyone is dead right.

Especially health ye shall receive,
make the New Year active.
Go into the garden and growing the flowers,
beautiful varieties with large volumes.
But now now is the winter, give to you eight.
Dress warm New Year’s Eve.
I, for one Part wish you the best,
also a lot of fun and the most beautiful of all feasts.

My wishes I send you the year every year,
to a poem and many enchanting songs.
This favorite of mine, your grandson,
who loves you so much without much banter.
Slipping into the new year with pep,
but be careful on the roads, everywhere a dork.
The ignite the rockets without caution and sense
your grandson clears up, because I’m clever.

Grandma and Grandpa, You guys are great,
it makes me laugh, unrivalled your jokes.
Add to that the love that you give your grandchildren,
plenty of gifts to like cups with handles.
To have you as a grandparent, honestly,
I can only describe with a word like “gorgeous”.
So please watch on in the coming year,
so that this remains painless as this one was.

Flying missiles, the alcohol flows,
the boys celebrate the older crowd reads.
Also your two, your sweet, grandpa and grandma,
does not think about drinking that brings you into a coma.
Your celebrating New Year’s Eve, mannered and quiet,
so it must be I am quite calm.
I have loved you, that ye know,
and enjoy the changing of the year.
Best wishes for the New Year,
you will receive now, just wonderful.

Short Poetry On New Year I Happy New Year 2016 Poems

New Year is coming soon, we have been waiting for,
because the old one was bad, the new start soon.

Rockets and firecrackers, punch and lead,
this is New Year’s Eve: Something for everyone!

With good intentions into the new year,
everyone does it, that’s obvious.

The last year is now history,
the new here, I therefore now tight.

Drunk I am on New Year’s Eve each year,
which is embarrassing to me, so I make myself scarce.

The mood rises, the countdown is close,
the New Year not far, just wonderful!

My dear people, tomorrow’s so far,
the New Year here, the old past.

I love New Year’s Eve, and like the rocket,
but too many people who step on their feet me.

In vain I ignite the rocket,
failed completely resoundingly.

I’m tired to cast the lead,
this year Party, the rockets we will shoot.

Unusually I spend New Year’s Eve,
because now I got you, you’re my best.

Luckily you’re welcome for me, the new year,
I did not have fun, last year I was sad.

New Year’s carp, the best of all fish,
every year anew, he stands on the table.

When Grandma and Grandpa New Year is very quiet,
on New Years Eve got back from their long journey.

As a child I found it great to shoot the missile,
a waste of money now, they cost too much dough.

New Year’s Eve was a long time already the morning dawned,
I my bed at the party built myself only.

I want to sleep long after this great night,
New Year’s Eve every year great things makes me.

As a child I thought it was great to swim at New Year,
enjoy the cold water, the moment is now scarce.

New Year’s is nice, away from winter,
in the Caribbean, we celebrate a nice thought behind it.

The first January of the year as a greeting,
grandma we are then always much cash.

After a long New Year’s Eve,
but little is done at New Year.

Since New Year’s exhausting and the body “abusive”,
New Year’s Day I always sleep, my wife quite snarling.

In Snow is celebrated, rockets are fired,
then enjoyed the carp on the first of January.

Our party does not stop safely in December,
until the New Year it lasts, I always want to remember!

Funny it was the New Year’s night,
just outside we spent it.

In a loud rocket in the New Year,
nothing new for the New Year, also this year it was.

Please forgive me, I was drunk,
today is New Year’s Day, your anger sunk?

Again and again in the New Year I am very wonderful,
that the old year so beautiful and the adoption so hard.

It was no secret that New Year came quickly,
all the more surprising that the sky is so bright.

I waited long, now it’s done,
the New Year is here, released from prison!
The adhesion of the old year, it brought nothing good,
but now I have power and am new courage.

New Year 2016 – New Year Greetings and Sayings – WhatsApp ✅

If you are still looking for funny sayings New Year for 2016 to your friends still WhatsApp or SMS message to send , you are right . In the following article , we have some great sayings collected for the New Year , so that you can wish a Happy New Year 2016 to your friends and your family . Simply copy a spell and easy to send. Then you can calmly enjoy the New Year’s party and no longer worry about the need to make text message.


WhatsApp and SMS New Year Sayings

In the following list we have a few funny sayings New Year 2016 listed that have enjoyed in recent years, great popularity and have been submitted by other visitors through the contact form of this page. If you know another New Year Sayings for New Merry 2016, write us an e-mail.

My three wisdoms for the new year: 1. Say what is true! 2. Drink what is clear! 3. F#ck, what’s there! I drink to good friends, lost love, to new goals, to what once was. That everything ends, and to a new year. Happy New Year!

A happy new year and I wish you that it will be even better than the old one was. Sun, moon and stars, all located in the distant future, but the good that is very close – a happy and happy new year! It’ll give you the new year without joke, health, prosperity and a happy heart!

Cheer new year- and consider what you can not see with your heart, you will remain with the eyes hidden in the new year. Cheer new year- we call from now. Nevit Dilmen Nevit Dilmen

The new year brings happiness into the house! What we have done wrong in the old, we begin anew.It bangs and crashes into the night – again brachium one year. The Kate then the next morning, but these are then the smallest concerns.

Since I can not sing well, I send you this message. Happy New Year. For New Year’s good luck and peace, please sauna you to not so. I know this SMS comes every year anew … but I mean it seriously again: Happy New Year!


SMS and WhatsApp New Year Sayings 2016

The end is approaching and what could be more natural than ever to think how to best friends and a happy new year and a happy new year wishes.

Whether WhatsApp messages, SMS, snapchat photos, news of the Kik Messenger, a secure message via threema or other message programs,there are many ways a last greeting from 2016 or a New Year’s greeting 2016 to send.

To wish a happy 2016 is always a great gesture. And with many smileys and icons of WhatsApp this also looks unlikely good.


However, the high volume of messages at midnight of WhatsApp should not can be handled is encouraged to more classic SMS. Even this gesture arrives and can with Smileys provided look very chic.

But whom you now writes what?

… A WhatsApp Year award for the loved one?
… A snapchat-New Year’s photo for the best girlfriend? … A Year award toflirt? … A New year greeting to the dude? … A Happy New Year SMS to parents? … An erotic Tinder message for Silvester affair?

  • Rockets, sparklers, lights sea,
    the old year that there’s not more.
    The new year hot loud welcome,
    it has only just started.
  • Everything is possible, a new start.
    The new year holds much of Europe.
    We will send you in this way,
    many New Year’s greetings to the journey.
  • Tap lightly on your door
    and to say: we are in thoughts here.

You fall still more? Let nen comment here

Romantic SMS sayings at midnight

  • For the New Year I wish us more loving 365 days.
  • Silvester you’re the most beautiful fireworks for me.
  • With you can not go wrong in 2016!
  • You are absolutely amazing, not only for the New Year!
  • I wish you a wonderful 2016. May I continue to be your prince charming?

Before midnight send a happy spell for WhatsApp

  • At New Year I want to sweeten with mobile Greet the New Year to you. Celebration and fun with friends in a circle dear people.
  • When the fireworks go up at midnight in the sky, this is to show you the new year is here, happiness and love, it brings you.
  • A few hours it is only for the New Year. A happy, success and good health in 2016. That I wish you from my heart.
  • The old year is now gone soon, drum wish I you a happy new year. Lucky to make us the new year and we hope to remain the same.
  • Have you in the future Bank on the account in 2016, 365 days love, happiness and sweet dreams paid. Have fun while outputting and a happy new year!

Erotic WhatsApp New Year’s Eve?
Or would a New Year’s Eve saying for Tinder?

  • Every year the same lyre, horny women, full eggs and 12 of delight, I’m looking forward to the New Year’s Eve shot.
  • Be careful when Sex in New Year’s Eve – my dear young ladies – not that these things go in his hand.

Birthday Sayings about New year

Not only did you Birthday No,
You bursts right into the New Year.
Your birthday is on New Year’s,
which is a very special day.
You start together with the New Year,
which is a good start, indeed.


On your birthday we come up against,
we lift our glasses and then
say. “Congratulations and Happy New Year”
so your birthday passes every year.
Because you’re a New Year’s baby,
which is born at New Year,
the New Year, we welcome
with your birthday each year.

Who’s on New Year’s born
is chosen to special.
Anyone who begins his life on New Year’s Day,
which is a very special child.
Who sees the world with the new year,
which was sent on that day.
Whoever takes New Year in life,
to accompany the at every turn. year
who come with the new year,
which will be a day taken to celebrate.
Who was born on New Year’s Day,
celebrated always on January 1st.
Those who came to the New Year to the world,
for the still sparkling sidelined.

New Year 2016 High Quality Images and Wallpapers

Will you be asked for your birthday,
“The first First” is simply put.
The 1.1. To keep good
turn even without a computer.
The 1.1. characterizes a good,
he will not be so easy to forget.

If you have New Year’s birthday,
there are for you only one load,
be careful that you do not bequest New Year’s Eve you
and then the birthday only wavering still’re running.
You want yes to your day was experiencing
and give not only the hangover herring .
Be vigilant, even if the New Year champagne
you still tastes so good in the New Year’s party.
To be fit’re still if we congratulate,
we want to celebrate New Year’s with you.
Because you have a birthday on New Year’s Day,
on which you have been like to be in bed like.
But you stand in time, despite New Year’s celebration, on,
because you’ve got birthday and looking forward to go.

Have you ever met a New Year’s resolution?

Stop smoking, lose weight five kilos, have more time for the children, more sports: Has it ever been able to realize your intentions into action?

The year is coming to an end, creating just the Christmas holiday and already in 2016 just around the corner.

In fast motion is now everywhere is reminiscent of the recent events-2015. This you might encourages the self to take a look at their own year. What did you experience, which encounters took place, what kind of tasks were fulfilled and what has become of the resolutions that had been adopted last year for itself?


Some of your attachments are safely forgotten, others you may have started with enthusiasm, which then dried up after a short time. Or is it?

We do not ask us to end for once, if you do something for the new year, but if it’s you times succeeded endure a header consistently. Have you ever taken, as they wanted to, you have left to be smoking, have changed the annoying job or have reconciled with a friend or a friend?

Have you ever met a New Year’s resolution?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Comment and let’s see if our readers are lazy or well determined.

New Year’s resolutions can be successfully implemented in the real world

New Year’s resolutions can be successfully implemented in the real world: The New Year is often peppered with good intentions. Dieting for quitting smoking, exercising more are just some of numerous requests to the days of 2015 healthy living through, as in the previous year. We have tips on how you can implement these wise resolutions also in everyday life.

Eat less sweets, stop smoking, do more exercise ….. keep your resolutions for 2015 can be implemented in reality, are We advice. Whatever intent, basically:

It is important that you relax treats its intentions, because only then is a success in the long term possible.
Trying to change everything at once, usually makes massive pressure that discouraged. That is why many give early on – or do not even no more resolutions.

The new lifestyle is to be associated with fun.
The targets must be achievable. Small steps are better to want everything immediately as umkrempelt.

To listen to smoking on:

Date fix
The mind is made up, so go: Set yourself a date from which you will never smoke again.

Tell it to others …
…- More than ever know about it, the sooner you will pull it off. Or find Verbündetet – viell want your colleague also stop smoking.? Together we are stronger!

Give yourself Replacement

Young man smoking cigarette unhealthy with no smoking sign
To really listen to smoking!

Better health, fresher breath and beautiful skin you get with certainty – unfortunately the enthusiasm as aggressiveness, digestive problems, insomnia.

Over the first few weeks of nicotine replacement products can help. In the long run especially endurance sports is recommended. Similar to nicotine reward sport, acts calming, relaxing and reassuring. But you need patience: Because as soon as nicotine does not affect sports.

A few weeks with regular training it takes before adapt noticeable effects. Important: Who’s over 32 years old and has driven a long time no sport should first have it checked at the doctor.

Tips of good luck for the new year!

If we are really ready for a new year, read below. If not, there’s always chocolate that is left.

At the beginning of the new year we will buy a new calendar, we pack up our Christmas decorations and look guiltily boxes of chocolates that we let our lure.
But few of us really expect a lucky new year. Just hope for the best. But this year may be different. With effort and only changing a few things, one alive, positive people can be open to us.

If we are really ready for a new year, read below. If not, there’s always chocolate that is left.

It is believed by many that the bad energy can stick to places that are dirty, dark or too full … So the first step in any of our work will be to make room for good energy, giving the home a thorough cleaning. If we have lots of garbage or old things that never use, now is the time to go to a restoration shop or simply throw.
Additionally, place platters of fresh and dried fruits around the house, as symbols of abundance.

Flowering plants are also considered to bring good fortune in some climates, they could be replanted outside. These items can even become good gifts to donate to the New Year.
Many times we welcome the new year with fireworks, because the explosions allegedly chase away evil spirits. Even if we are not theitikoi for custom, some fireworks are beautiful and we can use them to decorate our home.
Our next step is to give our finances a boost. We pay all our bills, neglected and organizing systems to monitor our dealings in the coming year.
Then we could make a review of our personal life. If we have any disputes or bad feelings with someone at work or among family and friends, now is a good time to do everything we can to sort out misunderstandings.
On the evening of New Year at midnight, every window and door of the house opens wide to farewell the old year and welcome the new one.
There are also beliefs that abound. Most of these have been developed and evolved over the centuries and, even if everyone does not believe in them, they are easy to follow.
Here’s what to do:
To wear new clothes and red color to express the joy and happiness.
Please visit our relatives, our neighbors and friends and wish them heartily.
For children and unmarried people without jobs, give them red envelopes filled with money to bring them luck.

And some we should not do:
There bathes our hair and did not sweep the floor, we can banish our good fortune.
Do not wear black.
We do not use knives and scissors because they could cut the chances that come our way
Do not lend or borrow money because you do all year
Finally, when midnight come, we think of a wish that we would like to see it fulfilled, in the following year. Under no circumstances should we use the words “no, no,” when we choose a wish, ie. Do not say “I do not want to be overweight,” but “I want to be weak or thin.”


Find Beautiful, cool and witty sayings of the year 2016 and send them as SMS or WhatsApp message to all friends. We have compiled the most beautiful, popular, original, funniest sayings about the new 2016. Here all can make a survey. Which spells like our users the best we want to know at this point, so that others can benefit from the witty sayings in the New Year New Year’s 2016.

New Year’s wishes on the app as SMS and WhatsApp message

Sayings for New Year 2016 SMS should be short, beautiful and written funny as possible. Our New Year’s sayings are in length to not only for SMS or WhatsApp message, but also for the Twitter post that Facebook or Google Plus status message ideally suited. At the turn of shine through creative and witty sayings is not difficult. The New Year Sayings use on plakos makes others happy, but without guarantee. A nice spell does not cost anything and is preparing a lot of pleasure. If you asked for the author, it will not lie. All of our sayings are of “Unknown”, the subject of copyright so we are quite relaxed. Funny Sayings It wobbles late through night and wind, a little pig, laughing and singt.Es wants only one thing is clear: All the best in the New Year ! … Live! Love! Laugh! In this way, do you have a new year at a festival that you can celebrate your life. … Your horoscope for next year: money: the stars smile. School / Occupation: the stars smile. HEALTH: The Stars smile. Love:. The stars laugh themselves silly … Happy New Year – we call from now. The new year brings happiness into the house! What we have done wrong in the old, we begin anew. … Who wags so late through night and wind? Ws is a pig in all its glory. It yodeling, happy valley roaring: “Good luck and have fun in the New Year!



Beautiful Sayings
sun, moon and stars, all located in the distant future, but the good that is very close – a happy and happy new year!

A new year means new hope, new light, new ideas and new ways to target … A good start into 2016 I wish you!

Never forget that life is short, so never break the rules. Give ’em fast, kisses slowly, Love truly, Laugh Often and never let anyone that you laugh the’m serious!

In the sky the stars shine so clear, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Quietly, in this way I’m sending this SMS on a journey. With joy and regards it to sweeten the New Year


New Year’s wishes in images via SMS or WhatsApp

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,, ‘W ,, w ,,,,, w ,, w’ ,,, Twice pig für’s New Year! New Year Sayings for the guest speech hosted a New Year’s Eve have often struggle to keep their guests until the New Year in a good mood. Finally, guests will find a beautiful and witty saying, heralding the new year and can happen to the old year. Here’s own creativity and oratory is in demand. Those who want to leave nothing to chance, can here get some ideas, poems, rhymes and sayings of the year. Another year has gone by degrees until it has begun, console yourself and stay happy Andren it goes well, let you annoy nothing , to enjoy happy hours, then you say next year: This year has been wonderful! .